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We believe that your #fooddeservesmore than a cra**y plastic container. That`s why we invented our beautifully crafted and highly functional HONEST BOX. Your food will taste way more delicious than from any other lunchbox. Promise! Our special diamond shape allows a perfect grip for your next meal. Its highly durable and long lasting material, prevents your lunchbox of developing nasty scratches over time. And unlike any other zeroplastic boxes made out of aluminium or stainless steel, you will be able to quickly heat up your meal in the microwave. The multifunctional design enables you to use THE HONEST BOX in up to 7 different setups. We also don`t want you to eat your meal out of a feeding bowl, but enjoy it from a REAL plate, without having you to transport any additional items. Its incredibly modular design, always adapts to your daily needs. Everyday you will feel like eating at home.

HEALTH protecting impact

Why buying nice and organic ingredients, cooking them with love for a healthy and sustaining meal and in the end store it in a plastic container? Enjoying your food out of THE HONEST BOX is not only more delicious, but also more healthy than from a plastic container. Or in other words: it`s not unhealthy. A lot of the plastic we are using in our daily lives contains Bisphenol A (BPA). When heating it up, particles of BPA might evaporate into the food, you`re going to consume moments later. Long-term BPA might have a negative effect to your health in various ways. Even though most plastic lunchboxes on the market are BPA-free, recent studies © CNN // © SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN have shown that heating up your food in plastic, might still harm your health. That`s why we`re not messing around and prevent this risk from the beginning on through a full avoidance  of any usage of plastic.


Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans. 
~  Jacques Cousteau

I think, we don`t need to convince you about the negative ecological impact plastic has to our environment. But just in case, here are some facts:

  • as you know, nearly every plastic on earth is made  out of mineral oil
  • by 2050 our oceans will contain more plastic than fish

THE HONEST BOX is made out of a special high-tech ceramic, so basically made out of sand. It`s long lasting, incredibly durable and in case it do really breaks, it´s completly recyclable.

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