Unbelievable! Since Lars and me decided to found a company more than a year ago, so many things have happened. This is our first blog post, just to inform you through our fresh new website & blog, how it all started.

We`ve both been working for an oil company at that time, however for different ones (coincidentally). As corporate students, the corporate gave us the opportunity to both study and work at the same time. It`s a great system in Germany which allows young talented people to instantly gain valuable working experience while doing their bachelors degree. Another big advantage is financial freedom, as luckily you`re getting paid for your work. It takes about 3 years and we graduated in 2014 und 2015. Both companies decided to offer us a job and we ended up in the supply chain department (Lars) and retail network department (Jamin).

Even though we had a great job, earning incredibly valuable experience, we still had the feeling to do something more. Not just in terms of working hours 😀 (there was more than enough to do), but also something where we can:

  • Fullfill ourselfes
  • Additionally have a social and ecological impact

Philosophizing a couple of hours, days, weeks, we came to the conclusion that we need to control our own destiny. So we founded a company. We were wondering about the current well established economic system, where less people and corporates earn the most money and those, who are really in need, are suffering and having nothing. We couldn`t (and still cannot) understand that sharing resources like money is so difficult. Probably greed, envy and egoism are the key levers to such a behavior.

We found out for ourselfes that our (at that time) current entry salary was more than enough to have a great life. We already had all we needed like good food, a nice flat, some travels and so on. More money, more expensive food, hotels, cars is completely unnecessary. So money cannot be a motivation.

BUT: We like to love what we are doing. And we also like to have success in it. Who doesn`t like success? However, success often means more money. Because creating innovative products and really fullfill customer needs will lead to additional sales and more financial reward. So why not using this money, in order to really make an impact, since in the end, that`s it. That`s what really matters. Giving your life a purpose through giving something back to others.

Givrs was born.

Givrs is the idea of a profit driven company, not only surviving, but flourishing in the usual economical eco-system. However unlike 99,9% of any other traditionally ran company, we will not declare the earnings to us or our shareholders, but use this money to support social projects or organizations or even initiate own social projects, if a Givrs community is established and powerful enough to handle such projects.

Sounds like a non-profit? Yes and no. Yes, because we are doing non-profit stuff with the money and no, because our company has a whole different strategic focus. Our ambition is not to help as much people as possible. Our ambition is to develop and sell undeniably great sustainable products, through leading design, innovation and functionality. We´re not doing merchandise. We`re doing serious business, including ambitious KPI targets of ROI, profits and so on.

We are building a bridge between the ruthless capitalism landscape and social organizations.

Also check out our Kick-Off Video below. This video reflects the real beginning. It`s pretty obvious that we are still very green behind the ears. Unfortunately it`s in German and not subtitled yet.

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